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Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
. .. >> no, i have not. i have heard senator rubio talk about immigration reform perhaps more than any republican these days. and i think he has it wrong. he keeps insisting that, okay, let's allow them to become legal here. but he is not really talking about a true path to citizenship. a i don't think that is the spirit of our constitution or country of having second-class citizens on a permanent basis in this country. we should have a path to citizenship and people need to learn english. we need to make sure that they have background checks and they get to the back of the line and et cetera. i think we can do it where it is fair and tough coming at the same time they have the hope of arriving there. >> what have you heard about the situation in the l.a. area with the ex-sheriff's deputy vmax yes, well it appears, thank god come, that they actually found the person that was terrorizing the southern california community. i don't know the exact result, i was in the chambers. it looks like they had him surrounded. they make sure that the least number of people suffered at the hands of th
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
. [applause] >> i'm having a marco rubio moment. [laughter] >> thank you, senator. we have a wide variety of questions. i hope you're ready to cover the landscape. starting off with of course a topic import in washington right now, the country violence, gun violence. the president in his state of the union made an appeal to reduce violent pay what about reducing the amount of violence in movies and is 30 from so much shooting on the screen? >> that's a great question. as you pointed out in your remarks, one of the first things we did is we are gathered here a few blocks away at the white house. the president was giving up this morning citizens of word to a number of people. they worked very closely as you mentioned here we spent 30 years together work on everything from autism and childcare, so i was very honored as one of the authors and founding of the peace corps, which he served in the 60s. there were people in newtown, connecticut who saved. i represented newtown for 30 years. the night before december 14. i have a hard time talking about it. so i care about it deeply as you pointed
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2